Inter-Vend (Pvt.) Limited enjoys an experience of over a decade in the fields of processing, procuring and export of various food products as well as Industrial & Commercial products.

The major emphasis our trade activity revolves around food, edible and health products. We may rightfully be considered as a food company. However, apart from food, our activities have been diversified to industrial and commercial exports of Rock Salt.

Processing has become the core activity, weather it is Rice or Salt both require high skills, neat and clean environment. We enjoy the trust of many Pakistani and international trading houses. Since its establishment we have witnessed many stages. Inter-Vend (Pvt.) Limited is not a business for us, it is a concept.

Inter-Vend (Pvt.) Limited enjoys the knowledge and experience of over a decade in the field of processing and after procurement of Rice and Salt.

Inter-Vend (Pvt.) Limited enjoys experience of highly trained personal in it’s the respective fields procurement and processing of the products of our specialization. The cumulated experience of personal in the respective fields of procurement and processing of our produce alone is the essence of our success. The experience is supported by modern technology and educated qualified, trained team of professional. The strategy is to build on the past glory with the help of modern scientific knowledge and techniques.

To meet with the demands of international business, the marketing and commercial departments are managed by highly skilled professionals. The combination of a management fully equipped and conversant with the norms of international trade and experience is the essence of our success.