Pakistani Rice

Pakistani Basmati Rice is not just an other commodity, it is known for it's long grain, exquisite aroma, and taste all over the world, especially in the Middle East, Europe and North America. The quality of rice grown in the valley of five rivers known as Punjab, the province enjoys the distinction of cultivating the world's best quality rice. The District of Sheikhupura, being the hart of the rice growing area produces the best rice of the world. Pakistani Basmati Rice is not just another commodity. It is preferred by the rice loving people all over the world, and accorded a special status by the coinsures . To us it is very special in more than one ways. It is understood, the quality does not come very easy, the stringent quality control process starts right form the procurement of paddy. The experience of our trained and experienced purchase personal ensures the selection of the best crop from the farmers. The use of most modern plant and equipment at our premises built in quality assurance checks ensures the strict adherence to the customer's specifications, both in the local and international markets.

We offer

Basmati Super Kernel

Extra long grain, aromatic, supreme Pakistani Basmati

Basmati PK 385

Long Grain, aromatic, world renowned Pakistani Basmati


Long grain rice known as Peshawari Basmati Rice Qualities

Premium White Rice

The best quality rice kernel is selected and stored in extreme hygienic condition. The aging process matures the rice, increases it's cooking quality, aroma and taste. This stock once matured is are cleaned, polished, graded, processed and packed. The processed rice has clean silky finish and long shelf life.

Grade I

The old or new rice is double polished as per buyer's requirements, graded, cleaned and packed as per international standards. The process removes the broken rice and foreign matter.

Regular Quality

This quality too is cleaned and graded but has slightly higher broken percentage. The bulk orders are normally supplied regular quality rice.

Brown or Cargo Rice

Paddy is husked and prepared for bulk buyers. This quality in normally procured by the millers in the UK, USA and the Middle East. This quality is not normally stored, therefore, it can only be supplied on confirmed orders prior to the start of milling season.


The cooking quality of the aged rice is enhanced by natural aging process. The one and two years rice is considered premier quality. We keep stocks of best quality rice in our godowns in strict hygienic conditions.

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